Glock has long been synonymous with reliability and performance in the world of handguns, and the Glock 43X is no exception. This compact pistol combines the trusted Glock design with enhanced features, making it a popular choice for concealed carry enthusiasts and law enforcement officers alike.

Design and Ergonomics:

One of the standout features of the Glock 43X is its slim profile and ergonomic design. Unlike its predecessor, the glock 43x review, which had a six-round capacity, the 43X boasts a 10+1 round capacity, thanks to its slightly extended grip frame. This provides shooters with a more comfortable and secure grip while maintaining a compact size ideal for concealed carry.

The pistol features Glock’s signature Safe Action System, providing a consistent trigger pull and three internal safeties for added peace of mind. The slide is precision-machined from stainless steel and features front and rear serrations, allowing for easy manipulation and quick sight acquisition.


When it comes to performance, the Glock 43X delivers in spades. Its 3.41-inch barrel and fixed sights contribute to excellent accuracy and precision, making it suitable for both self-defense and target shooting applications. The pistol’s short recoil operation ensures minimal muzzle flip, allowing for fast follow-up shots and increased control.

Additionally, the Glock 43X is compatible with a wide range of aftermarket accessories, including sights, holsters, and magazine extensions, allowing users to customize their firearm to suit their preferences and needs.

Concealed Carry Considerations:

One of the primary reasons for the Glock 43X’s popularity is its suitability for concealed carry. Its slim profile, lightweight construction, and ample magazine capacity make it an ideal choice for everyday carry, whether in a holster or pocket.

Furthermore, Glock offers the 43X with an optional factory-installed AmeriGlo BOLD night sight, enhancing its low-light visibility and making it even more versatile for concealed carry in all conditions.

In conclusion, the Glock 43X is a compact powerhouse that excels in both performance and concealability. Its ergonomic design, enhanced features, and reliable operation make it a top choice for anyone in the market for a concealed carry handgun. Whether for self-defense or target shooting, the Glock 43X delivers the reliability and accuracy that Glock is renowned for, making it a worthy addition to any shooter’s arsenal.